Agricultural climatology

Agricultural climatology is a branch of science that concerns itself with the influence of climate on the cultural conditions of agricultural plants, animal husbandry, the occurrence of detrimental influences (both biological and weather-conditioned) and especially on agricultural operating methods in general. The results of appropriate investigations represent the collective term “planning information”. The method is almost exclusively a statistical one. Originally, one used almost exclusively the so-called climate values of general “climatic statistics”, e.g., daily average figures, decade averages, monthly averages, or the deviations of the individual climatic elements (shorter-period averages or totals), from averages from extended periods. It is common in climatic statistics to use the annual divisions derived from the general calendar for the time periods. It was found, with increasing experience in the field, that an application of the usual climatic statistics offered only very limited application possibilities. In the comparison of climatic elements over shorter time periods, with average values collected over many years, it is usual in general climatology to indicate a positive deviation from the long-term average, in the case of precipitation as “too wet”, and in the case of temperature, as “too warm”, while in the case of negative deviations one speaks, correspondingly, of “too dry” or “too cold”. Application of such concepts are not appropriate to agricultural climatology, since they cannot, in this way, sufficiently characterize the actual situation.

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